What to expect at Summer Worship Services

  • Foremost, we want you to feel welcomed and valued. We are fully functional and while love is a ‘wave’ and ‘smile’ we are going to make your summer visit special. We’ve even shortened our services (thanks to the masks) and focus on a relaxed God-honoring atmosphere. Families with children have a ‘home’ at Grace Calvary. We know these are challenging times. Bring the kids!!!!
  • 8:30 am Traditional and 10:30 am Contemporary.
  • Interior seating is structured for physical distancing. Plus, outdoors we have our open-air courtyard. To promote good hygiene, sanitizer is available in all bathrooms and entry-ways. Masks are not required to be in our courtyard unlike indoors, however, their use is strongly encouraged. As of 7/8/20, outdoor masks are required if physical distancing is not in practice; please practice physical distancing as our seating is spread out to meet that mandate.
  • Please avail yourself of our internet options if that better serves your needs. Thank you for sending in your support!
Posted Sunday morning and Worship Service later