What to expect at Summer Worship Services

  • WE’RE OPEN!!! Expect three songs, the Lord’s Prayer, Doxology, Pastoral Prayer, and then we go straight into the Bible message.
  • 8:30 am Traditional and 10:30 am Contemporary. Masks required inside building. Interior and exterior seating arranged for physical distancing. Weather permitting, consider the courtyard option with TV screen viewing; no masks required in the courtyard.
  • Or use our internet option. Going forward, at least one teaching (Sunday or Wednesday) will be posted. Internet postings may be delayed by one week. Thank you.

Looking ahead (23 August) we hope to post a special video interview with the Harris family in Nebraska.

For Sunday: 16 August 2020

Remember videos delayed by one week.

For Sunday: 9 August 2020

Remember videos will be delayed by one week.

For Sunday: 2 August 2020

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Join Pastor Dan for a very serious comparison of Evangelical faith and (Roman) Catholicism. Are there differences, and if there are, what are they? There is one opening song, then the rest of the video is teaching.

‘How am I saved?’ is an eternal question. And how it’s answered is not the same between Evangelicals and (Roman) Catholic doctrine. This study is not an attack on people, but a sincere investigation into the truth. Expect to be challenged and commit to watch the whole video. You should watch other Wednesday teaching videos in July.